Meticulous preparation breeds success

Unfortunately I ignore who said it first, but the proverb “fail to plan then plan to fail” is particularly appropriate in the case of a European business starting or growing its presence in the US.

Starting or significantly expanding one’s presence on the US market is not a tactical but a strategic endeavor that requires ample preparation. It also means that whatever worked in Europe might (will probably not) work in the domestic market place. Take time to check what part of the “magic marketing formula” can be transposed and what needs to be adapted, build a detailed timeline and adhere to it, assign a project manager who understands the pitfalls and give him/her the decision power to make the alterations for success. And once you move from planning into execution stick to the plan, review and adjust continuously but only change at preset intervals.

When the plan has been based on a thorough Market Feasibility Study these adjustments will never be strategic but tactical, swift and quick in nature. The secret sauce to start-up success.

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